My Afternoon Tea Recipe: Dilmah Tea In Sri Lanka

25 Nov

I’m in Sri Lanka right now.

Just came from a tour around the country. My first wish when planning it was a visit to Nuwara Eliya, a mountain area where the best of Sri Lankan tea is grown. I visited  three tea factories.

aftrenoon tea ⎜dilmah teaNow I know the difference between Pekoe, Orange Pekoe, B.O.P. (Broken Orange Pekoe ) and B.O.P.F. (Broken Orange Pekoe Broken Fannings) – I love all of them!

They are the grades of tea that are mostly used to describe Sri Lankan black tea.



It’s not an easy job to pick the tea leaves!

Only two leaves and a bud are picked (or should be picked for the best quality of the tea) as you can see on this picture.





dilmah teaHere women sort the tea leaves before fermentation process will be started in the factory.







afternoon teaTea was my favorite beverage from childhood and to get a cup of fresh tea is always delightful.

Even I knew about Dilmah brand I didn’t try all varieties of tea this family company produces.

Here in Sri Lanka I discovered surprisingly good Dilmah tea in the BAGS (!!!)  (though I was always suspicious about tea in the bags).

Dilmah Lovers Leap Single Estate teabags  are different!




ceylon tea plantation nuwara eliya lovers leapThe leaves for the Dilmah Lovers Leap Single Estate teabags are picked on the tea plantation that is  5700 feet above sea level.

Leaves are picked from the same tea estate (not mixed with any other low grade leaves) and it was picked here on the Lovers Leap in Nuwara Eliya .

I was so happy to see the very place where my favorite tea is grown!



afternoon tea dilhman teaSomerset Estate and Lovers Leap Estate are my favorites sorts of Dilmah teas (in the bags) so far – have to taste another as well, there are three more varieties from different areas of Sri Lanka.

These teas are rather light, not bitter as B.O.P.F. could be, so you don’t need to add sugar or milk to enjoy it.


I was also surprised that it’s possible to get these teas on Amazon (not just in Sri Lanka).

Yes, prices are not the same as in Sri Lanka, but still very affordable. You can make a cup for your afternoon tea and enjoy it yourself or in a company of friends or you can give it away.

Dilmah tea will make a wonderful  gift for your mom or for anyone you want to make happy.





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