Best Food Processor: Kitchenaid vs. Cuisinart

15 Oct




If you are looking to get a food processor then it is important to look at the two leading brands. Kitchenaid and Cuisinart are the two premiere manufactures of food processors. They both rightly have gained the respect of countless customers and cooks. These brands have also garnered high praise from many cooking magazines. Before you decide which brand to get it is a good idea to look at some of the features each has.


Cuisinart: The Food Processor King


Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food ProcessorThe name Cuisinart is synonymous with food processors. The company practically invented the concept and they have continued to design amazing products and make endless improvements and innovations. Lets take a look at some of the important information about Cuisinart food processor.


Cuisinart DFP-14 14-Cup Food Processor has a 720-watt motor. This is very powerful. It is important to get a food processor with a powerful motor. This is important because a powerful motor means the food processor is going to be able to handle any task you want. If you cook large batches of food this is especially important. It is also important to have if you are going to be processing tough foods like nuts or meats.


The Cuisinart has a 14-cup Lexan work bowl with extra-large feed tube. If you are getting a Cuisinart you want to get a very large bowl. The 14-cup bowl is a perfect size.


Many people have gotten a food processor with a small bowl and found that they need to sometimes make their food in multiple batches. This is why it is important to get a large size bowl. Also, the extra large feed tube is great because it allows you to save a lot of the task work.


The Cuisinart comes with a Stainless-steel slicing disc, shredding disc, chopping blade, and dough blade. These are especially important because stainless steel is both durable and functional. You do not want flimsily material when using a food processor.


When you get the Cuisinart food processor you get a 3-year warranty on the appliance, with a 5-year warranty on the motor. This proves that the company stands by their product line.


Kitchenaid Food Processor: The Competition


KitchenAid 700-Watt 12-Cup Food ProcessorsKitchenaid has a long history of producing fine kitchen appliances. When they decided to start making food processors many people became excited. There are many reasons to choose Kitchenaid for your home. They produce quality products and there is a wide range of accessories. Below are some of the key features.


The Kitchenaid Food Processor comes with a 700-watt motor. This is incredibly powerful. Like I have mentioned above, it is important when getting a food processor to make sure that you have sufficient power. If you do not have sufficient power the appliance can be damaged. A small motor can burn out. This is why a powerful motor is important.


You will get a 12-cup work bowl and also a stainless steel blade. This is a good size bowl. It is important to get a large bowl because you do not want to have to make multiple batches of food due to not having enough room. The stainless steel blade is great because it stays sharp and is incredibly strong.


The Kitchenaid Food Processor comes with a 7-piece accessory set. This includes a 4-cup mini bowl, both a 2-mm and 4mm slicing disc, a 4-mm shredding disc, a dough blade, and also spatula. These are all dishwasher safe.


Final Thoughts


What you should do is take a look at both units and decide which you prefer. Either way you can’t go wrong. Both companies make an exceptional product and one that will serve you well.


It is important to make sure you get a food processor that is large enough to accommodate your needs. The most important thing to remember is that you do not want to go through the hassle of making multiple batches. That’s why the large food processor is best.


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