Great Christmas Gifts: Jamie Oliver’s Products

31 Aug

Transform Your Home Kitchen With Jamie Oliver’s Amazing Products

jamie oliver's products - christmas gifts

One of the great things about Jamie Oliver is that he makes cooking accessible to everyone. If you watch his television shows or read his books then you are familiar with his style. You don’t have to make super serious gourmet food to appreciate his cooking technique.

In fact, there are many people who have little experience cooking who have learned how to make fantastic meals in their own kitchen by watching Jamie Oliver.


Of course it is not enough to simply watch Jamie Oliver or read his cookbooks. What you need to do is get some of his cooking products. There are many great Chefs who have endorsed cookware and Jamie Oliver is one of them. The great thing about Jamie Oliver products is that he does not endorse just any product. He will only put his name on cookware that he would feel comfortable using.


Jamie Oliver's Products Cristmas GiftsA great example of Jamie Oliver cookware is the line of cooper saucepans. Anyone who wants to start making great food needs to get high quality saucepans. Sauces are the foundation of so many gourmet meals.

Jamie Oliver has shown you the techniques to make these meals, but if you try and duplicate the recipes in cheap saucepans you might get bad results.

The reason you want to use an Authentic French Copper Saucepan set is that it is designed to deliver heat in the most efficient way. It is also a great looking piece for your kitchen. It will look amazing hanging above your stove or wherever you wish to place it.


Jamie Oliver Oval Cocotte Christmas giftAnother fine example of the Jamie Oliver cookware is the 6.3 L Cast Aluminum Oval Cocotte that Oliver endorses. It is a non-stick piece that is also dishwasher safe. It comes with an innovative thermo-spot that lets you know the precise temperature.




One thing that you are going to be excited about is the Fusionbrands Silicone Food Pod Cooking Basket. Everyone who watches Jamie Oliver knows that you can have lots of fun cooking, but you also want to be safe. This cooking basket is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It makes boiling, blanching, and steaming easy, simply and safe. It lets you take food in and out of boiling water without risking burns on your fingers.


Jamie Oliver Knife Block, 6-Piece Set Top Christmas giftLastly, and perhaps most importantly, you need good knives. Jamie Oliver is frequently seen using all sorts of different chef knives. What these knives all have in common is that they are high quality. You really cannot begin to have a great home kitchen without a decent knife set.

Some people go out and buy one knife, perhaps a really expensive chef knife. But what about the pairing knives, the filleting knives, and all the other knives you need. That’s where the Jamie Oliver Knife Block, 6-Piece Set comes in. This amazing knife set gives you everything you need to have the perfect home kitchen setup.


Jamie Oliver Groovy Chopping Board Top Christmas GiftYou should also get a good cutting board that can be washed and will hold up to wear and tear. Most chefs prefer a hardwood cutting board because it does not hold bacteria like plastic ones. Jamie Oliver uses a hardwood cutting board and so should you.

The Jamie Oliver Groovy Chopping Board is great because it has an additional feature. The grooves on the cutting board keeps vegetables and meat from slipping while you cut and it also lets the juice and liquid drain away from the cutting surface.


Take a look at all of the other appliances that are available. There is everything from the Stainless Steel Masher to the Micro Grater. You can also get Oliver’s whole line of cookbooks, shirts, and aprons. These will turn your average kitchen into a top-notch restaurant quality kitchen.



Jamie Oliver’s products will be a great Christmas gifts for anyone  interested in cooking, don’t you think? I’ll be happy to get any addition to my Jamie Oliver tefal pan that I love!



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