Great Christmas Gift Idea: Sphere Ice Ball Molds 2.5″

28 Oct

ama_listing_ice_balls_lingon_milk_plain_3stAre you looking for a great gift for that person who makes shopping for them difficult? Surprise them with a great gift this year with a set of ice ball molds from DenadaDenada! Whether you like your scotch on the rocks or you simply want to freeze something into the shape of a ball, these jumbo-sized balls of ice will certainly cool down your drink while they heat up the conversation about them! Made of durable silicon, they are easy to fill, use, and reuse. Once you give away these ice ball molds, you’ll wish you had a set for yourself!


They Make More Than Just Ice!

The reason why the DenadaDenada ice ball molds make for such a great gift idea is the fact that they are so versatile. You can literally put almost any liquid into them to create a gigantic treat of goodness! Create a ball of flavored ice that you can let soak into some punch or create huge ice cream spheres for your kids to enjoy. Fill them up with vodka to superchill your shots before enjoy them with friends. Create some lemonade balls and then throw them into some iced tea for a unique Arnold Palmer. Because they are made from BPA free materials, you can rest assured that your family will enjoy all the benefits of these ice ball molds without any worry.


Get a Cool Drink That Isn’t Watered Down!

Hchirstmas gift, giftsave you ever ordered a glass of iced tea only to have the ice melt into it so you got a drink that tasted more like tap water than tea? With these ice ball molds, you get supersized ice balls that will cool down almost any drink without giving it that watered down effect. This means that not only do you get a great novelty talking piece when you shove one or two of these ice balls into your drink, but you’ll also get a fantastically cold drink that tastes the same as when you poured it into your glass. This is especially true for those hot Summer days when everything seems to melt the moment it touches the outside air!


These Ice Ball Molds Are Perfect For Liquor

ice_balls_whiskey_150x150If you’ve had an adult beverage or two, then you know how fast ice cubes can water down the drink and make it taste less than good. This is a great gift idea because you get the chilling benefit of ice on the drink you want to enjoy without having it become overly watered down in just a couple minutes. This lets you socialize a bit more – and who wouldn’t want to socialize with a couple giant balls of ice in your glass.

These ice ball molds are durable, reliable, and will make you want to keep making balls of ice because it’s just so much fun!

Is This a Great Gift Idea For You?

Whether you’re searching for the perfect novelty gift for someone or you just want to give yourself the perfect gift “just because”, the DenadaDenada ice ball molds make for the gift you’ve been searching to find. From drinks to desserts, the applications are almost endless when it comes to utilizing these great molds. Are you ready to experience how slow melting balls of ice could help to change your life? If so, then try the DenadaDenada ice ball molds for yourself today!

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