Jamie Oliver: 30 Minute Meals Recipes

03 Dec

Jamie Oliver's Products Cristmas GiftsIf you are like me then you dream about making delicious meals at home in your own kitchen, just like Jamie Oliver does on TV.

The good news is that Jamie Oliver has a great new cookbook that will show you how make that dream come true. Once you get this book you will be able to make fast and great tasting meals as easy as Jamie Oliver does.

Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to learn how to create restaurant quality meals in their own kitchen. There is a common misconception that you cannot make delicious, healthy, and amazing meals in your own kitchen without spending hours of prep time.

Jamie Oliver has shown that it is entirely possible to make affordable, healthy, and delicious meals in your own kitchen. This is a great opportunity for people who are tired of eating the same foods and want to make something new. You will find endless ideas and inspirations for meals in this book.

One of the great things about Jamie Oliver’s 30-minute meals is that it has several different recipes. If you like Indian food you will find plenty of recipes including Indian Style Steak, and a wonderful recipe for crispy chicken with green curry. There are other great recipes including Tapas, Spring Lamb, and many other easy to make meals.

In addition to getting a whole book full of easy and delicious recipes you will get a comprehensive guide to preparing food. This is extremely helpful because you want to learn how to best prepare food and then cook the meal. Included in the book are explanations on the proper technique.

When you are cooking these recipes you will learn how to most effectively use the Jamie Oliver All purpose 3-in-1 Peeler to make vegetable preparation a fast and simple task. One of the most important aspects of cooking in your own kitchen is the ability to easily prepare vegetables. With the Jamie Oliver line of appliances it is easy to dice, chop, and prep all types of vegetables and meats.

Jamie Oliver Knife Block, 6-Piece Set Top Christmas giftThe Jamie Oliver Knife Block set is a great companion to the 30-minute meals cookbook. When you have the right appliances and kitchenware then it makes preparing food much easier. You never want to use old dull knives when preparing meat or vegetables.

It is also a great idea to get a selection of other Jamie Oliver appliances. The Jamie Oliver Coarse Grater is a fantastic appliance for every home.

The ability to grate vegetables fast and safely is an indispensable part of kitchen prep work. You might also like to pick up the stainless steel potato masher. This works great for all sorts of mashed vegetables including turnips, parsnips, butternut squash and potatoes.

Jamie Oliver top Christmas gifts Another fantastic set of kitchen appliances is the Jamie Oliver JB3100 Tilt and Mix Stainless-Steel Mixing Bowls. These are ideal for people who want to begin making different types of meals from the comfort of their own kitchen.

You want stainless steel so that they won’t break and can also be cleaned easily. These stainless steel mixing bowls are perfect and will be used over and over again.


jamie oliver 30 minute meals recipesIf you are interested in learning how to make fantastic recipes then Jamie Oliver: 30 minute meals is definitely the right choice. You will learn how to make all sorts of meals and how to make them in 30 minutes or less. Even if you are an experienced cook this makes a great addition to your cookbook library.

Jamie Oliver: 30 minute meals could be a great Christmas gift for your Mom or anyone you love.




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