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23 Feb

Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories: Which Ones Do YOU Need?

kitchenaid  mixer attachments

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Are you curious about which kitchenaid mixer accessories you might need?

If you are, then continue reading to find out what are the essential accessories for the  amazing Kitchenaid stand mixer.

There are many different choices available for you, and it is important to learn which ones are absolutely essential.




Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories: Pasta Roller & Pasta Extruder

kitchenaid mixer accessories

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The pasta roller is one of the most popular kitchenaid mixer accessories. This is a very useful attachment. It will let you make homemade, fresh pasta on your Kitchenaid stand mixer.

The pasta roller set comes with 3 stainless attachments:

—the pasta roller

—the fettuccine cutter

—the linguine fine cutter




KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment

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KitchenAid Stand-Mixer Pasta-Extruder Attachment

KitchenAid Stand-Mixer Pasta-Extruder Attachment

There is nothing like the taste of fresh pasta.

If you can’t live without fresh pasta then you should seriously consider getting the Pasta Roller and/or Pasta Roller Attachments.

The pasta roller and  pasta extruder will fit all Kitchenaid stand mixers.




Watch this video – you can see the Pasta Extruder Attachment in action:




Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories: Ice Cream Maker

kitchen aid mixer accessories

SUPER easy to make with Kitchenaid Mixer!

Another amazing accessory for the Kitehcnaid stand mixer is the ice cream maker attachment.


This is a wonderful add on for anyone who wants to make ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt.


Let’s take a look at this attachment and see what you get.



kitchenaid mixer accessoriesIt’s a MUST have Kitchenaid mixer accessory if you have children at home!

You get a freezebowl that can hold up to 2 quarts of ice cream.

The freezebowl is powered entirely by your kitchenaid stand mixer.

There is no need to plug it in to another outlet. This makes it more versatile kitchenaid mixer accessories available.


Put the freezebowl into your freezer for several hours, and then you just place it in your kitchenaid stand mixer and pour in your ice cream batter and turn it on.

The dasher is controlled by your kitchen aid stand mixer control.


What the dasher does is churn the ingredients and create a rich and thick ice cream. It is very fast and in no at all time you will have delicious ice cream. That is why it become  one of the more popular kitchenaid mixer accessories.

If you love ice cream then you definitely need to get this Kitchenaid attachment to enjoy fresh home made ice cream.



Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories: Slicer/Shredder

kitchenaid stand mixer accessories shredded vegetables

Shredded in no time!

Another fantastic kitchen aid stand mixer accessory is slicer/shredder attachment. This is one of the most useful accessories that you can get.

The attachment allows you to shred or slice any number of things including onions, potatoes, cheese and many other foods.




kitchen aid mixers accessories

Shredd your cheese and veggies.

This is great for people who want to make their own shredded food.

It is a much healthier approach than buying prepackaged shredded or sliced food.

You will have complete control over what you are eating.

It is a healthy and fantastic way to cook. This is a great choice for people looking for “healthy” kitchenaid mixer accessories.



kitchenaid mixer attachments

Set of slicers/shredders for Kitchenaid Stand Mixers

You will get 2 shredding cones and 2 slicing cones.

These cones allow you to shred foods either fine or coarse, and slice foods either thin or thick.

The attachments work with any kitchenaid stand mixer.

You will also get an instruction booklet that will help you use the accessory.

This is one of the best kitchenaid mixer accessories for everyday cooking.



Kitchenaid Mixer Accessories: Food Grinder

The next great attachment for a kitchenaid stand mixer is the food grinder. People who have reviewed these food grinder attachments absolutely love them.


kitchenaid mixer accessory

The kitchenaid food grinder is a wonder accessory for anyone who is looking for versatility and creativity in the kitchen.

People who have a kitchenaid artisan will love adapting it and being able to create taco meat, creative cheese mixtures, and all other sorts of food inventions.

You can make all sorts of meals including sausage, beef patties, falafel, and even breadcrumbs.

This makes the food grinder one of the best kitchenaid mixer accessories.




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