My Review of Breville BOV800XL: The Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ

Review Of The Best Toaster Oven Ever

or Why I Love Breville Toaster Oven

 breville smart ovenWhile I love living in my apartment, the lack of a wall oven in my kitchen means it’s impossible for me to cook anything decent. This meant spending far more money than I could afford on buying take-out food every night, something that just didn’t fit into my budget – or my waist line.

But a friend suggested that I could comfortably fit a smaller convection toaster oven in my little kitchen that would allow me to cook all the things I wanted without taking up valuable space.

Thus began my foray into convection toaster oven research. There are plenty available, but in the end my choice came down to just one: the  Breville BOV800XL Smart toaster oven.

Here are the exact reasons why I chose this brilliant little toaster oven – and why I’m writing this review:


Perfect Size for Any Kitchen

Regardless of what size kitchen you have, the Breville Smart oven is the ideal kitchen appliance for anyone at all. In fact, it’s a brilliant replacement option for those big, bulky ovens as it’s extremely energy efficient.

Despite being 1800-watts of machine, it uses around 50% less electricity than its bigger cousins, yet still gets the job done to perfection every time.

It also heats up much faster than a conventional wall oven, so you’re not wasting power waiting for it to heat up to the temperature you want.The non-stick interior of this toaster oven is also big enough to handle most cooking chores easily, with 4/5-cubic-feet of space inside.


What’s On the Menu?

breville toaster ovenWhen I first began researching into convection toaster ovens, I had simple recipes in mind, like making cheese on toast or heating up left-over take-out. I guess I seriously underestimated the usefulness of these machines until I had one for myself.

As soon as I unpacked my toaster oven, the accessories that were included with it made me immediately think of so many other recipe options that could be handled easily with my new appliance.

Inside the box there is a 13 inch non-stick pizza pan as well as a 12×12 inch enamel baking pan and a 12×12 inch enamel broil rack.

The fact that these larger sized pans fit so easily into the oven also means that my regular muffin tins, baking trays, casserole dishes and loaf tins also fit in the oven perfectly as well.

Add to that the fact that Breville included a handy recipe book with approximately 30 more recipes to try in this toaster oven and I have my evening menu arranged for a few weeks to come.


Easy Cook Settings

I’ll be honest – I’m hopeless when it comes to remembering that I’ve left something cooking in the oven. This is another reason I’m so grateful I chose the Breville Smart convection toaster oven .

breville toaster ovenThere are 9 programmable settings on this machine that automatically adjust the required temperature and set the timer for the right cooking time for you.

The LCD display on the front of the oven makes it very easy to read. As an example: I put the pizza pan to good use and decided to make pizza.

The glass door on the front of the oven has labels for the various rack positions, depending on what you’re cooking.

They are pizza/bagel/cookie/toast and warm/reheat/roast/bake.

You can’t get it wrong when it’s all written there for you. Then you put the tray at the level for pizza, simply select the option for cooking pizza and the machine asks you if you want to agree to using convection mode.

Accept this, and the machine asks if you’re making a 12 inch pizza. Once again, accept this option and it sets the temperature and cook time for you.

When the timer beeps at you, it’s dinner time!


Element IQ

Breville have incorporated a feature they call the  “element IQ”  . In the instruction manual, it told me this meant the machine would simply direct the power to where it was needed most.

This doesn’t make much sense, until you try toasting a bagel.

Once again, use the toaster oven’s programmable settings and it automatically toasts the top of the bagel at a higher temperature so it stays crispy, but the bottom is heated at a lower temperature so it stays perfectly soft.


Easy Clean

The non-stick interior of this toaster oven means it’s very easy to clean with a damp cloth. Even baked-on food wipes away easily. There is a crumb tray fitted at the front of the machine, which is superb for easy cleaning. Most other toaster ovens have the crumb tray at the back, which is quite awkward in a small area.


What’s the Catch?

breville toaster ovenThe only downside I can possibly think of with the Breville Smart convection toaster oven is that the 3 foot power cord was just that little bit too short for me to put the machine where I wanted it to go.

I ended up re-arranging my kitchen to accommodate the toaster oven closer to the power outlet.

I also learned quickly that this machine draws a lot of power when you’re using it at high heat, so it’s a good idea not to have any other electrical appliances on that same circuit.

Even though the instructions did warn me about the oven getting hot on top of the machine, I didn’t think much about it and left a plastic cutting board on it. It’s a really good idea not to put anything on top of the oven, or immediately next to it.



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One happy user exclaimed “Beauty and function – what more you can ask for?”

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Where To Buy the Breville Smart Convection Toaster Oven?

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