My Review of the Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine

Review of the Braun Food Processor

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Braun Multiquick K650 Kitchen Machine

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When my old food processor finally died after many years of active service, I started looking around for a replacement.

What I didn’t expect was that the sheer number of food processors available on the market had increased to scary proportions.

But, I love to research and I still needed a new food processor, so I began comparing my options. I took a careful look at the quality of machines available and weighed this up against the cost.

It didn’t take long to narrow my options down to one food processor: the Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine.

I already knew what I wanted in a good quality food processor, but I figured my research would be ideal for this review.

Here’s what I learned:


Instant Attraction

What attracted me to the Braun food processor is that it’s large enough to handle even big tasks, yet it’s not overly bulky. The white base features stylish blue controls, so it’s a nice looking appliance to have up on display on the kitchen counter.

I don’t have enough room on my own kitchen counter for anything at all, so I need to be able to tuck my appliances away in cupboards. The Braun K650 has a cord storage compartment built in, so it packs away neatly without taking up too much of my valuable cupboard space.


Size Does Matter

While the entire machine isn’t overly bulky, the work-bowl has an 8 cup capacity, which means it is big enough for family use or really large party-portions.

A bowl this size allows you to blend up to 2 litres of liquid or knead up to 1.5kg of dough. There’s also plenty of room to chop meat or vegetables, or blend up smoothies, soups or desserts perfectly.


Power Packed

My last food processor might have been great for chopping and blending, but it only had two speeds, so wasn’t really meant for big powerful jobs or those careful, delicate jobs.

However, the Braun Multiquick K650 has a powerful 600 watt DC motor that gets through any job you need to get done. There’s plenty of power when you need it most, which means perfect purees, smoothies and dips every time. More importantly, it can be extremely gentle when working with softer foods, so you know your food is chopped the way you want it and not turned into a mush.

Of course, my first thought was that a large motor would mean this could be a noisy machine to use. Yet the motor is very quiet, even when operating on higher speeds.


Multi-Speed and Multi-Purpose

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The manual pulse button allows for exact control if you need to work with very soft or delicate foods. The lower speeds are great for chopping soft vegetables, like onions, while the higher speeds are perfect for blending or pureeing food into a very fine consistency.

The thing that really convinced me with the Braun MultiQuick K650 was the additional attachments that meant I could use my food processor for almost everything in the kitchen.


  • Universal Chopping Blade: This is the standard blade inside the work bowl that chops, blends, mixes and purees almost anything you’re working with. Adjust the speed settings to get the right consistency for any type of food.


  • Dough hook: This is my favorite attachment, as it makes easy work of creating and kneading pizza dough or bread dough.


  • Cream Attachment: The cream attachment makes whipping cream, dips or even egg whites into a perfect meringue quick and simple.


  • brun k650 kitchen machine slicer partsSlicer System: This handy attachment includes a fine slicer, a fine shredder, coarse grater and a cheese grater. This slicer gets plenty of use in my home for slicing potatoes into perfect fries, grating cheese or grating vegetables, and even shredding vegetables for that ultra fine finish in a perfect coleslaw.


  • Citrus Juicer: The citrus juicer fits into the work bowl so creating citrus juice for the family or for inclusion into various recipes is fast and there’s no mess.




No Mess and No Fuss to Clean

Choosing a good food processor for me meant finding one that was not only able to do all the jobs I needed to get done, but also allowed for smooth, easy operation without the mess or fuss.

The Braun K650 has a unique dual safety lock that ensures the working bowls can’t be opened when unit is on.  The bowls themselves are also sealed, which reduces leakages or spillage when you’re working.

This great feature also means you’re able to fill the bowl with liquid. I’ve worked with blenders where you can only put liquid in up to a designated ‘fill line’. This is because anything over that ends up flying out and spilling all over the kitchen. That simply doesn’t happen with bowls that are sealed.

When you’re done working with the machine, all the bowls and attachments are completely dishwasher safe, too. This makes cleaning the machine really easy. 


In the video bellow Marc Fosh shows you how to make pizza with Braun k650 Multiquick (though he uses a different model of food processor). You can use your Braun food processor for making pizza dough too!




Is There a Warranty?

Braun offers a limited 12 month warranty on the Braun MultiQuick K650 Kitchen Machine.


What Others Are Saying About the Braun K650


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The huge number of user reviews available for this product seems to be glowingly positive.  Each of the reviews was submitted by actual people who have used this product, and many of them gave me some excellent ideas for additional uses for an already handy machine.


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Best Place to Buy the Braun Food Processor

While I was researching the Braun MultiQuick K650 Kitchen Machine, I found that Amazon offered the best price  as compared to any of the other online merchants I researched.



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