My Review of the Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet

Review Of The Ultramax One Piece ADA Toilet


Why Is Toto ADA Is The Best Toilet For The Elderly



best ADA toiletThe decision to take out our family bath and put in a shower instead hadn’t come lightly – especially because of all the disruption it was going to cause to our home.

We had the shower, tray and tiles picked out and then we realized at the last moment that our current bathroom suite just wasn’t going to work with the new design or layout.

We were trying to economize on space as much as possible and our old style John wasn’t going to be much good to us in that regard.


ADA toiletThe search for a one-piece toilet unit very quickly lead us to the Toto range and the Ultramax ADA wound up being our toilet of choice for our bathroom shower installation and general facelift project for a lot of reasons but the fact that it was ADA compliant meant it was also perfect for my elderly mother who had just moved in with us recently due to her declining health – we had to make this type of modification for her sake.

So I want you to benefit from all the information gathering and research I had to do online and offline to put together this Toto toilet review; before my family parted with our hard earned cash.


ADA What?

I wasn’t sure what this meant when I heard it first either but once we started researching options that worked for us and mom we found out it actually stands for Americans with Disabilities Act (1990). All this means for the consumer is that a user with specific or special needs will be able to use this toilet. For us the fact that the toilet bowl is 2-inches higher up meant that mom would have to put less energy and effort into using the toilet itself – this was a Godsend for us all.

It’s hard to imagine that tall toilets might actually be more comfortable but they actually are and it’s something to consider for any future bathroom furniture shopping you might be doing. The fact that the ADA toilet is that little bit higher also means that it’s a lot safer for our mom – which of course means it’s also that bit safer for any member of your family who might have special needs in regards to using the bathroom.


Powerful Flush

One of the very first things that we noticed about our new toilet (apart from the extra height) was how powerful each flush was – all thanks to the G-Max flushing system which gives you strong commercial quality flushing in a household toilet. Now the toilet itself is a low water consumption model that only uses 6 liters per flush (6 LPF) which is just a touch over 1.5 gallons of water so you’re doing your bit for the environment too.

And even with the water economy features of this toilet it only ever takes a single flush to empty the bowl – some other low water consumption toilets might save an extra liter of water or so but you spend half your day flushing them which defeats the purpose of owning one right?

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Hard Wearing Style

If there’s more than 2 people in your home your toilet is going to need to be tough simply because it’s going to be used a whole lot more than if there was one person living there – this is doubly true of kids in your home. The Toto Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet uses a special coating called SanaGloss which is a type of ceramic glaze which kinda acts like Teflon – nothing seems to be able to stick to it.

This is great news for anyone who gets stuck with the chore of scrubbing the bathroom and the throne in there. This includes mold by-the-by – the Toto toilets with SanaGloss seem to be impervious to pretty much anything – like I said it seems to act like Teflon. Fortunately you’re not just stuck with “hospital white” when you buy this toilet – this toilet is available in a range of colors such as bone, Sedona beige, cotton white and colonial white.


So Very Quiet

ADA toiletThere’s nothing worse than that one person in your home or apartment that doesn’t know how to raise or lower a toilet seat without slamming it loud enough to wake everyone in the house.

The Ultramax ADA toilets caters for these thoughtless souls and your peace of mind with its SoftClose system. This also means little hands aren’t going to get caught under slammed toilet seats when your kids are playing where they shouldn’t be.

And the quiet operation of the Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet doesn’t end there because the 3-inch flush valve (90% of other flush valves are only 2-inches in diameter) makes for a quieter but very quick flush – you won’t have those post-flush rattles going on forever with this toilet.


Is There A Warranty?

The Ultramax One Piece ADA Toilet comes with a 1-year warranty which covers the product being free from defects or flaws in workmanship when it’s being used normally. Your warranty is non-transferrable though – in case you wind up selling your toilet (do people really sell used toilets?)


What Others Are Saying About The One Piece ADA Toilet?

The Toto Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet is one of the very few toilets you’ll find that has gotten so many consistently good reviews. And even better these reviews are from both plumbers in the trade and from end-users also (no pun intended). If you want to get a clearer idea of just how good this toilet is then you could click on over to the review section on Amazon so you can find answers to questions I probably meant to include here but I’ve just forgotten about in the end.

A few that did stand out though are:

  • Not a piece of crapper
  • What a difference 2 inches makes
  • Great potty

Even though these comments were hilarious they actually made me take a closer look. I suggest you do too because chances are you gonna like what you see…


The Best Place to Buy the Ultramax One Piece ADA Toilet

We take our family health seriously and especially the health of our mom so we did our due diligence on this purchase by doing all the research we could. When it came down to brass tacks the best price we could find on the Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet was on Amazon – nobody else could quite come close. Plus we know and trust the Amazon brand – it’s that kinda stuff that sealed the deal for us in the end.


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